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Mexican Dress Pattern Download Hi, I'm the Mexican Dress Lady! I've created this site to share the secrets of making a traditional Mexican Puebla Dress and other beautiful projects with you. My illustrated instruction booklets take you step-by-step through sewing and embroidering my super easy Mexican Peasant Dress, Native American Triad Dress and more.

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The Mexican Dress in Craft Magazine

The Fabulous Folk Garments My Customers Have Sewn From My Mexican Dress Instruction Booklet!

Sew your own Mexican Blouse or Dress and send me the photo!

Looking For A Mexican Wedding Dress? I have a page for customers' Mexican Wedding Dresses, too!

Mexican Peasant Blouse for Child Customer and super blogger Vicki H. has sent in these photos of the adorable Mexican Peasant Blouse she sewed for her little daughter using my instruction booklet. Vicki runs the Turkey Feathers Blog, and I was just thrilled when she wrote to me and told me about the post she'd written after sewing this blouse.

Vicki let her child create the embroidery design - a whimsical wonder of butterflies, flowers, and even a little snail. It came out perfectly, and I was so pleased to hear how easy to use she found the Mexican Dress Pattern Booklet to be. After spending time browsing the Turkey Feathers Blog, it was easy for me to see what a skilled seamstress and embroiderer Vicki is, and I was impressed with her suggestion of creating a facing for the yoke of the blouse as a fine finishing detail. It's such a pleasure for me to see the creativity of other crafters and Vicki really made my day with her email.

Every week, I receive inquiries from new customers who want to know if my instruction booklet will enable them to sew a Mexican Peasant Blouse for a child. These photos are the answer to those questions, and, now that Vicki has completed this blouse for her daughter, she's going to get started on one for herself. I hope we'll get to see it when it's finished!

Mexican Peasant Blouse for Child


Muscogee Creek Nation Dress

Customer, Michele says, "I had fun making the dress. The design embroidered on the bottom of the dress is a symbol used in my tribe."

Michele is a member of the Muscogee Creek Nation, and I think her take on the Native Amerian Triad dress is absolutely beautiful. What an honor to see this dress! One-of-a-kind!


image of a mexican nightgown my customer made

I was thrilled to receive the following email today from customer, Janet G.

Your Mexican dress caught my eye while I was browsing through the August 2007 edition of Craft Magazine. I, too, adore traditional folk clothing, so the next time I went online, I headed directly to your web address. Wow, what a wonderful website I found there! Not only did I find your pattern to download, but you included exquisite photos of the dress and the embroidery, photos of other dresses, inspiration for other embroidery, and the history behind the dress. (Your family heirloom from Oaxaca is spectacular!) I also loved your 'Dress for a Mexican Fiesta' page and the sketches for hairstyles.

I purchased your dress pattern, but have to admit I didn't quite follow the instructions. Using white cotton gauze, I made my dress sleeveless and added a ruffle at the bottom. I plan to wear it as a nightgown during the humid summer months here in Illinois. The embroidery pattern was so much fun to complete and turned out so beautifully that I'm planning on making a smaller dress for my 6-year-old niece to wear.

I know all my customers will agree, Janet G. has done a spectacular job on creating what has got to be the most exquisite sleeveless Mexican nightgown ever sewn! What a way to beat the heat in style! Janet's embroidery of the gown is just first rate and I so appreciate her sharing these wonderful photos of her work. What a pleasure to see!

detail of a sleeveless mexican nightgown my customer made

embroidered mexican nightgown my customer made


Mexican dress for little girl

Customer, Sara, made this darling, simple floral dress for her daughter out of her fabric stash, using my Mexican Dress instruction booklet. We've seen pretty blouses and lovely nightgowns, and this latest photo from a customer shows just how versatile the Mexican Dress instructions are.

I love the way Sara took a two-tone approach to this dress, emphasizing the yoke and sleeves with the darker solid and using the pretty floral print for the romantic fall of the gown. The added detail of the solid trim is especially nice. Looks fit for a princess to wear on springtime walk in an enchanted garden, doesn't it?

Sara's going to get started on a dress for herself now, and I hope we'll get to see that one, too. I so enjoy getting to see all of the creative ways my customers are using this multi-purpose, classic pattern and I hope this page is fun for you, too!


mexican doll dress

Just look at what creative customer, Fabienne, has done with the Mexican dress booklet for a woman's dress. She's miniaturized it to make this wonderful doll dress! Look at those tiny, perfect stitches! I was so impressed when Fabienne sent her photos to me to share with you.

As you can see from the photos, Fabienne has taken a slightly different approach to the sleeves, leaving out the elastic which results in a simple bell-shape or t-shirt-shape sleeve. The detailing is simply beautiful, and that's one lucky doll!

Do you know a little girl who would love to have an authentic Mexican costume for her favorite doll? Fabienne has just proved that the Mexican dress pattern sold here is not only versatile enough to make gowns, blouses, tunics and nightgowns for women and girls, but can also be used to make a darling doll's dress. Grandmas, mommies and aunties of the world: imagine your special little girl's eyes lighting up if you created a dress like this for her doll, by hand, with much love!


mexican baby dress

Looking for a traditional Mexican baby dress? Look no further than what talented customer, Fabienne, has done with my Mexican Dress instruction booklet! Fabienne has made a few changes to the original instructions. This a sleeveless dress, and look at the lovely way in which she created a Neru-type closure on the back of the yoke with some embroidery thread frog-like closures and pretty pink buttons. The nifty button motif is continued on the front of the dress, with charming buttons forming the center of the flowers. What a neat idea!

Fabienne made this charming little gown for her friend's daughter - an 11-month-old girl. What a lucky baby! And, I really like the way Fabienne has chosen some pinks and lavenders in her embroidery color palette. Somehow, that gives even more of a baby-girl feeling to the dress.

I get emails from customers every week asking if my Mexican Dress Instruction booklet can be used for babies. I feel very lucky to be able to start showing them Fabienne's project now, so that they can see what one talented customer has done. This is Fabienne's second great project with the booklet, and I am so impressed with her creativity and skills!


pink lace mexican peasant dress

Creative customer Fabienne has done it again! Just look at this beautiful pink lace trimmed Mexican dress! I love the touch of color the lace adds, and the rosy hues are picked up in her embroidery thread choices. She finishes the folk garment off with a few 3-d blossoms for a sweet, crafty touch.

I'd call this a Mexican Fiesta Dress if ever there was one! What a stunning project, and how thankful I am that Fabienne has shared her latest fabulous creation with us!


Mexican Dress Instruction Class

In November 2008, a class was taught at New Braunfels Public Library in New Braunfels, Texas. Special permission was granted to the librarian, Ms. Samuels, to reproduce my Mexican Dress Instruction Booklet for the use of the class. I have long believed that our libraries are simply the most civilized and valuable of all our public institutions and so I was delighted to support this wonderful idea for a class.

What a treat to receive these photos from Ms. Samuels, and to see that so many ladies arrived to learn how to sew and embroider their own Mexican dress. The library graciously arranged a bi-lingual storytime with refreshments for children so that mothers could bring their little ones along for a fun afternoon while they participated in the sewing class. It is an honor for me to see my instruction booklet being put to such good use and I want to thank our public libraries for all that they do to provide education and enjoyment in our communities.

women sewing Mexican dress


cinco de mayo dress costume

Talented customer, Judy, had to make her Mexican Dress in a hurry for a Cinco de Mayo party at her school. It may have been a rush job, but just look at how fantasically her dress turned out. Judy used my basic pattern and some of the embroidery guidelines, but then she really took off with her own creativity. Look at her pretty birds! I just love the hot aqua color this customer used to make her own Mexican Dress. It really is a fine illustration of how beautiful this dress can be when sewn out of brightly colored fabrics. Judy told me that people really admired her dress at the party and thought she must have bought it somewhere special! About her one-of-a-kind creation, Judy says:

"The dress will surely last me the rest of my teaching career!!"

Happy Cinco de Mayo, Judy, and congratulations on such quick, gorgeous work!


Embroidered Hummingbird Mexican Dress

Look At The Birdie And Smile!

I was so impressed by the beautiful embroidery imaginative customer, Lucia, designed for her own Mexican Dress and am excited to share this gorgeous hummingbird and flower creation with you for inspiration. Lucia writes:

"I have NEVER sewn a garment, or embroidered one so I am pretty happy about finding your website - it made it so easy. Thank you for all of the encouragement (found on your site), I wouldn't have attempted it if you weren't such a great teacher!"

Lucia wanted to be sure that customers know that she was absolutely successful in making The Mexican Dress in a plus size (a frequently asked question) and that she already has several more dresses planned for family members. Most exciting of all, Lucia will be entering her handmade Mexican Dress in the county fair in the wearable art division. Good luck, Lucia! I think you deserve a blue ribbon!


Mexican Doll Dress Pattern

A Traditional Mexican Doll Dress - Exquisite!

Have you ever dreamed of sewing a traditional Mexican dress for a doll? This photo will inspire you. Talented customer, Julia B., has created one of the prettiest doll dresses I've ever seen, and it suits this special doll like no other dress could! Julia says:

"I enjoyed making this dress for my doll so much! The doll is Marisol Luna, a limited edition 2005 doll of the year from American Girl. I felt she needed something traditional to wear. The Mexican Dress was the perfect answer. I think I have made a small work of art for my doll and a future heirloom."

I couldn't agree more! Julie has created a treasure of exquisite quality. What a lucky little doll! Julia's next plan is to sew a Mexican Dress for herself from a recycled purple bedsheet, and she thinks she'll embellish the dress with white embroidery. Sounds like a regal combination to me!

I just love it when customers share their photos with me. You can really see the love that went into this project. Thanks, Julia!


Do you have a photo to share with me?
This page is dedicated to my customers' photos of their finished dresses, blouses, or tunics. If you sew your garment from my Mexican Dress Instruction Booklet, I would absolutely love for you to email me to let me know you've got photos to be added here.

Out of respect for my customers' privacy, I publish only photos of garments - not of people, and I will not use your full name in talking about your finished Mexican Dress project.

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