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Mexican Dress Pattern Download Hi, I'm the Mexican Dress Lady! I've created this site to share the secrets of making a traditional Mexican Puebla Dress and other beautiful projects with you. My illustrated instruction booklets take you step-by-step through sewing and embroidering my super easy Mexican Peasant Dress, Native American Triad Dress and more.

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The Mexican Dress in Craft Magazine

The Mexican Paper Flower Embroidered Shawl Pattern

Create Your Own Hand-Embroidered Rebozo Shawl!

Nothing could be more festive than this gorgeous, rectangular eyelet rebozo, hand embroidered by you with Mexican Paper Flower motifs. In just 5 easy steps, you'll be lighting up your next fiesta in this incredibly elegant garment.

If you can cut out rectangles and sew a simple seam, you can make this shawl.

Even if you've never embroidered before, my downloadable full-color 7 page instruction booklet will teach you the 2 basic stitches you need to know to have amazing fun embroidering a shawl that adds so much color and grace to your wardrobe.

My booklet walks you step by step through the project, from choosing fabrics, to sewing, to embroidering, to draping your shawl gracefully. I want my booklet to be as lovely for you as sewing with a good friend.

Price: $5.00 per PDF download

Download Mexican Rebozo Embroidered Shawl Pattern

Authentic Mexican Rebozo Embroidered Shawl Pattern Details
Hand embroidery pattern detail

Make Your Own Hand Embroidered Shawl Materials Required for this Project:

  • *** 2 yds. colored cotton backing fabric
  • *** 2 yds. white cotton eyelet
  • *** 2 yds. white cotton batiste or muslin
  • 1 spool all-purpose thread
  • 2 skeins each of the following embroidery floss colors: Yellow, Spring Green, Orange, Yellow-Orange, Mulberry, Burgundy
  • 1 skein black embroidery floss
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine
  • Embroidery Hoop
  • Embroidery Needle
  • A ruler or tape measure
  • Fabric pen or pencil for tracing embroidery design
  • The Length Of Fabric You Need
    ***The 2 yd. measurement is based upon my own preferred length for this rebozo. My total arm span from fingertips to fingertips is about 60 inches, and I am 5' 3" tall. If you are a taller woman with longer arms, I suggest that you make your rebozo 12" longer than your arm span from fingertips to fingertips. Adjust the amount of fabric you need accordingly.

    I made my Mexican Paper Flower Shawl out of eyelet and leno, with a cotton batiste runner for the embroidery fabric. Look at these beautiful fabric choices:

    You can take your cues from my suggested fabric choices, or you could choose velvets, satins, linens. You can choose different embroidery colors, too, if you like. It's all up to you!

    Why I Created This Shawl Pattern For You

    Truth be told, department store choices often do little to speak to our longing for something different, something unique and meaningful to wear. I got tired of settling for drab colors and ho-hum styles, and began creating patterns like this shawl so that my closet would always offer up something appealing for me to step into, even if I'm only on my way to the market.

    Clothing can express who we are and the positive things we feel about ourselves when we custom create it with a sense of fun and adventure. Why not learn what the smart ladies of Mexico have always known - never go out without your shawl! Then you're prepared for rain or shine or whatever the day may bring.

    This traditional, rectangular rebozo style shawl is ample, not skimpy. It's exquisite enough to complete an evening ensemble but has a lighthearted, crisp appeal that will make you want to take an afternoon stroll, so finely swathed in your pretty shawl!

    Wrap Yourself In A Garland Of Flowers With The Mexican Paper Flower Shawl

    Did you ever help make Mexican tissue paper flowers for a party? Have you ever planted those pretty ranunculus flowers in the fall and waited to see them come rocketing up in the springtime, each blossom packed with layer after layer of beautiful, colorful petals? Since I was a little girl, these two fabulous kinds of flowers have reminded me of one another and they are the inspirations for this hand embroidered shawl. Unusual embroidery choices like these ensure that your garment will be like no other. If you're tired of the usual flowers offered in embroidery patterns, here is your chance to start a project that's really different!

    hand embroidered ranunculus and mexican paper flowers
    How to wear a handmade rebozo

    Your 7 Page Instruction Booklet Will Contain:

    • A traceable embroidery template
    • Materials list
    • Fabric Suggestions
    • Full color photos and illustrations
    • Tutorial for the 2 easy embroidery stitches you'll be using
    • Complete, step-by-step instructions for cutting, sewing and embroidering your shawl

    If you enjoyed making my Mexican Dress, you'll absolutely love this special shawl. Getting started on this fun, unique project today is as simple as downloading my pattern. It's so easy!

    Price: $5.00 per PDF download

    Download Mexican Rebozo Embroidered Shawl Pattern

    Can't sew a lick to save your life?